Taos and Santa Fe

We left the snowy winter and headed west, once again…


Aahhh… can you feel that sun? We were SO glad to escape the chilly (aka freezing) temperatures of the Northeast in January.

We kept the Airstream in storage and out of the elements for a month or so while we worked the holiday markets in NYC. It was magical to be back in the city during this time of year… and after we’d worked every day for a month straight, we drove to Upstate to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. We had a moment to catch our breath and just relax… but then we really started to miss our nomadic life and our Airstream. So we hit the road once again…

We left New York on a sunny 20-something degree day… slept over in Pennsylvania for a NEGATIVE TWELVE DEGREE night and yes, we were freezing. But fortunately the next day we rolled down the windows and felt the warm 70-something degree New Mexico breeze on our faces. Ah, the perks of being mobile.

DSC_0839Rio Grande

Rio Grande

We spent a few days in the quaint and magical Taos, New Mexico. We saw the beautiful landscapes, ate lots of great food, explored the many cute shops, visited the Rio Grande (!!!) and had a few beers at Taos Mesa Brewing … which we highly recommend. We drove down this really looonnnggg road to nowhere, when we finally got to Ojo Caliente, a sacred hot spring and ruins. There was once an ancient village here called Posi – now thousands of painted potshards fill the landscape.

Ojo Caliente






After soaking in the healing waters and exploring the ancient ruins we hit the road again, to Kasha Katuwe National Monument and a quick stop in Santa Fe.





DSC_1099 DSC_1100


Next stop… Las Vegas!


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