Savannah and Jacksonville

We continued heading South, meeting up with Blaine’s parents in Georgia then heading down to Jacksonville, FL for a beachside celebration. We created a special hand painted design to commemorate the occasion, and the whole family got involved in printing their own shirts. After a few days riding bikes around and lounging beachside (our last warm-weather hurrah before Winter in the Northeast) we drove up to Savannah Georgia, to hang out for a few days on Tybee Island. The culture and cuisine of the “low country” is amazing and we had a blast gorging ourselves on seafood from local markets and fishermen.

20141026_110858 20141023_132044
20141023_131250  20141024_102501
20141026_162037  20141026_162058

One night we spent in Savannah, exploring the historic architecture and embarking on a “haunted” pub crawl. Savannah is known for being a very haunted city and we learned a lot about this history. 17th century slaves brought many spiritual aspects from Africa which became ubiquitous throughout the city. Graveyards are surrounded in bricks bear a very special geometric carving said to imprison bad spirits. Similarly, a special blue color (haint blue) was said to protect people and property from harmful forces. Evidence of both can be found throughout Savannah.

20141025_220918 20141025_20153520141025_215841  20141025_220831 20141026_105649  20141025_154740

After a few amazing days filled with family, food, and booze, it was time for us to turn our sights Northward again. The holidays are just around the corner and we’ll be spending much of November and December back in Brooklyn!

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