Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is a simply stunning place. This small corner of the Mohave desert features humongous eroded rock formations and a plethora of desert flora including the famous Joshua Tree. Mackenzie had never been to the park so we made it a point to roll through for a night on our way towards Texas.

DSC_1199 1DSC_1157 1DSC_1166 1

One of the best parts of Joshua Tree (aside from the abundance of campsites) is the ability to just pick a direction and start walking. We spent endless hours walking through, over, under, and around the massive rocks in the company of beautiful and bizarre desert plants – yucca, cholla, ocotillo. It’s not hard to lose yourself here.

DSC_1211DSC_1175 1DSC_1170 1DSC_1241 DSC_1185 1DSC_1189 1DSC_1163 1DSC_1174 1DSC_1207DSC_1237

Although we only had one night here on this trip it was a great moment of repose in the course of a long drive back East. We woke up early, feeling rejuvenated, to watch the sun rise over the desert before taking back to the road, headed for Texas, Louisiana, and on to Georgia…



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