The Grand Tetons


Just after we crossed out of Yellowstone we entered another of America’s amazing National Parks.

The view of the Grand Teton Mountains from the East has to be one of our favorite views in all of our cross-country travels. The massive sister peaks rise up abruptly from the arid Wyoming flatlands around Jackson Hole, footed by the cool waters of Jackson Lake. Along the drive Pronghorn Antelope sprang across the fields and meadows. Elk and Moose plodded lazily through the waters of the Snake River wetlands.
And real cowboys rode the dirt paths of historic ranches.

20140729_165018 20140729_065937

After spending two days too many in Yellowstone we had to cut out a planned backpack through the mountains along the Teton Crest Trail. Instead (and thankfully) we camped along the banks of Jackson Lake and rented canoes. With our fishing poles in tow we paddled out among islands. Bald Eagles dove for fish and called out to us from the giant conifers at the lake’s edge – All beneath the incredible Teton vista.

20140729_072837 Tetons20140729_112111 20140729_113148

We also took the opportunity to visit Jackson Hole – full of character (and tourists) but by far one of our favorite small towns in America. One of the few places where we totally fit in wearing our hats and holsters. Any place with arches made from Elk antlers is pretty cool in our book.


While we only spent a day or two in the Tetons it tops our list of favorite places and we’ll surely be back.

But for now we faced a long drive towards the Pacific…

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