Sutro Heights

After our week in Los Angeles it was time to cruise on up to our old stomping grounds – San Francisco! We really grew The Local Branch during our time in this great city and we love to return for visits with family and friends.

DSC_1019 1San Francisco is a pretty tough town to park a 50 foot long truck and trailer combo. Hell, it’s a tough town to drive through with our set up. Fortunately last year we found an amazing spot to park – Sutro Heights. This historic park is perched high above the Pacific Ocean and is filled with old Eucalyptus and Redwood trees.

The weather was amazing so we decided to invite all of our closest friends over for an impromptu Airstream party in the park. We ate, drank, took in the amazing sunset views, and tossed the frisbee – which eventually ended up sailing for thousands of feet to the beach below.

DSC_1022DSC_1033 1DSC_1032DSC_1056 1 DSC_1026 1DSC_1052 1 DSC_1039

It was a delightful day and a wonderful way to catch up with the folks we left behind in the Bay Area. The next day¬†we travelled out and about in the city and returned to find (GASP!) a motorcyclist had crashed into the back of our truck. We’re seriously considering naming her “Bullseye” considering how many times people have crashed into her. Next stop, Marin County for some serious body work…


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