Las Vegas to Colorado


From the cool Pacific Northwest we took a turn – due South through Nevada to Vegas for POOLTRADESHOW…

We decided to try out wholesaling for the holiday season this year, so we set out to exhibit at our first trade show – POOL, at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. We set up all of our product in a new (smaller) display and spent the week meeting tons  of great shop owners, retail representatives, and other designers of all stripes. We even took some time out for some shenanigans with our buddy Matthew of Late Sunday Afternoon.


20140818_105434 20140819_17335320140818_201634  20140820_213523

After a hot week in the desert we were ready to cool off, so we headed towards the Rockies. Unfortunately, 5 straight days of heavy rain across The West foiled our plans to hang out in Eastern Utah and in the mountains. However, we did stumble upon an amazing gem of a camping spot outside of Denver.

20140908_192907 20140825_191550

Jackson Lake is a beautiful prairie lake with a camp ground that was totally deserted – our favorite type of place to get some much needed printing done. We spent several days fishing, creating, and tagging shirts with the words “Made in Jackson Lake, CO”.

20140824_192923 20140823_194024

It was the perfect spot to catch our breaths before crossing the Midwest to Chicago for Renegade Craft Fair and North Coast Music Festival.


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