The Badlands

We headed westward once again, this time via the northern route… We were so anxious to venture through the states we had not yet explored (we are checking off so many this year, but hadn’t quite made it up north yet). We drove from New York into the vast plains of South Dakota.



After a quick pitstop to see some prairie dogs on the side of the road (aren’t they cute?) …. we entered into (DUDUDUHN) THE BADLANDS.




Those rugged hills were calling us, so even though we didn’t get into the park until about 4pm – we decided we’d go out adventuring. I did have a moment of hesitation… hmm, it is getting late, the clouds are getting dark… but we won’t go too far, right? Well, Blaine loves to explore, so we got a little carried away going deeper and deeper into the stark moonscape. Before long it started to sprinkle, lightning, thunder…. we decided to jog (ok, run) back to the main path before it started to pour on us. We were flying along and then suddenly – a snake. Not just any old snake, a rattlesnake. We were running so fast I didn’t ever look down, but luckily Blaine spotted him before we stepped on him (I wouldn’t have liked to write about that story). We did manage to get a photo, albeit blurry but we didn’t want to get too close after all.


The morning rose outside our trailer window and we hit the hills again…



And then ran into these guys… see them all lounging way out there? The wild Bighorn Sheep of The Badlands.



And just like that, we were off to The Black Hills!

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