New York and Delaware

New York City

We finally made it back to the East Coast in early June to revisit our roots. Our homeland is originally Syracuse, New York – so we were extremely excited on the drive from Kentucky to New York, looking forward to seeing our best friends and family! It ended up taking us many hours longer than expected due to the inevitable traffic and craziness that NYC has to offer (said lovingly).

New York

New York City

New York

We (aahhhh, yes) had a free day to hang out, explore Brooklyn and relax with friends before doing a show at the amazing Artist & Fleas in Williamsburg the next day. It was Friday the 13th AND a full moon, so we really should just have stayed in that day… But we’re not too superstitious. Sadly, we did run into a series of very unfortunate events shortly after leaving the ‘stream, and my stomach sinks/jumps (I can’t really decide which it is) as I tell the story. I think this was the point we sort of stopped blogging because we were just slightly devastated by the whole mess. So here it goes…

We were pulling out of a parking spot in Brooklyn… and WAM! We get hit (really, really hard) by a wild driver. This guy was literally going close to 70 mph according to the police, in a 30 mph zone. He sent our huge truck spinning and we ended up hitting a parked car. We were beyond shocked by the thought and sight of it all. Luckily and miraculously no one was hurt – except for the autos. Our truck’s shell (which houses our inventory and display) did get knocked completely off of our truck, leaving bins on bins of our hard work all over the streets. Shortly to follow, a torrential rain decided to strike at an inopportune moment as we were loading our smashed bins into our rented u-haul pick-up. We were soaked, our stuff was soaked, and we were shocked/sad/tired/overwhelmed, but we made it home to the ‘stream, sorted through what was dry enough to sell the next day, and decided that the show must go on. We were so grateful for the all the people who helped us out that day – especially the tow truck guys who went above and beyond – they were our heroes that day.

New York City

Now that some time has passed, we realize it really was just a small hiccup along the way, even though at the time seemed like our world was ending. We didn’t really share this experience in the moment because frankly, we were just trying to march on. But now we definitely see it all as part of our adventure. The wild places we visit, the amazing people we meet and the challenges we encounter along the way – its all a part of our story. This life we all live isn’t always easy, and the hard things are just a test of your mettle, because in the end your reaction is the thing that really matters.


Our trip to New York was definitely different than we imagined, but we’re so glad we made it there – and we can’t wait to be back to Artist & Fleas in Williamsburg and Chelsea Market in November and December! The show was awesome and we got to connect with so many of our friends. Monday morning we hitched up the trailer and drove a few hours to Dover, DE for the most amazing show of the summer… Firefly Music Festival! The sun was hot, the stages were stacked and the grounds were full of life. It was the shift in energy we really needed – AND we had a full view of the main stage.

It felt great to be there for four days meeting so many incredible people, eating lots of pizza and seeing some of our favorite new & old bands (i.e. Local Natives, Iron and Wine, Foo Fighters, Phantogram, Wild Cub, Beck, Third Eye Blind, and so many more… this line-up was insane)


After the show, we hit the road once again and made our way upstate to Syracuse for the next few weeks for some much needed family time. We got caught up on work and awaited the repair of our little (ok, big) truck. We even got to set-up our booth in our hometown for the 4th of July!

Manlius NY

After our truck was all fixed up it was time to strike out once again – Next stop, the Pacific Northwest, via the northern states…

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