The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Bourbon Trail

I know, it has been a while! We’ll try to catch up…

So as we left off, we were heading Eastbound for shows in Delaware and New York. We were thirsty to taste what the historic Kentucky bourbon trail had to offer… AND it was on the way (wink wink).

We were immediately greeted by a familiar wall of Eastern humidity that hit us at we entered the state of Kentucky. Pastures of white fences with derby horses lined the road as we cruised past the old rickhouses that pre-date Prohibition. From the likes of Buffalo Trace, Jim Beam, Woodford Reserve and Maker’s Mark- we toured (and tasted) them all. For being big name brands most still operate like small time businesses, which we really liked. Some brands are smaller than others… for instance Blanton’s Bourbon, made by Buffalo Trace, still has hand written labels… just like us!





Maker’s Mark hand dips each and every bottle in hot wax… we met the three ladies who were dipping that day. We even bought a couple bottles and hand dipped them ourselves.



Huge mash tubs bubbling with yeast… makes you want to dip your hands in right? Well we did!


I love the shot of these barrels peeking out the windows at Buffalo Trace. They wait years in these amazing rickhouses until their first taste.

Once the barrels are ready, gravity and rail tracks help to move the barrels around the property. Ingenious.




After a full day it was on to our next stop, Brooklyn New York!

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