Hiking Zion National Park

Wow, are our feet tired and our souls nourished. Living on the road full time, you sometimes forget what day it is – Friday? Monday? It sort of blurs and what we consider the weekend doesn’t usually happen on a traditional Saturday and Sunday. This past weekend however, we decided to visit the famed Zion National Park in Utah – yes, on a traditional weekend, that happened to be Memorial Day weekend. By a stroke of luck and good fortune, we were able to walk up and get a backcountry permit to hike the beautiful Narrows Trail – which is a 18 mile stretch through the river and over the woods the entire way. Zion National Park In order to get to the trailhead to start this adventure, we needed to hire a shuttle – ours departed at 6:30 am SHARP. It was an early morning for us, but myself, Blaine, and a nice couple from Belgium embarked together, soaking up the beautiful vistas at sunrise. The shuttle however, came to a putt puttt putttt halting stop – less than half way there. Yes, the shuttle ran out of gas. We made the best of it, laughed it off, and basked in the sunrise as our guide hitchhiked for gas. Stranded at Zion We were (finally) back on the road in no time, and into the river to hike through the gorgeous. breathtaking. views. Zion National Park, The Narrows

The Narrows is an area near the headwaters of the Virgin River, which has cut its way through solid rock for thousands of years, creating a deep cave-like chasm that in some places is no wider than 20 feet across (but hundreds of feet high).

Zion National Park Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Not too far into the hike, a large animal barreled past me and into the water – and yes, I screamed. It turned out to be a young buck – who basically just caressed my shoulder on his way to get a drink. Funny enough, this young buck spent about 2+ hours hiking with us. We would hike, he’d follow close behind us. We’d stop for a some water and he’d nibble on the leaves. At one point we didn’t see him for a while, but sure enough as soon as we spoke his name (oh yes, of course named him… Derrick) there he was out of the woods and into the water behind us. It was crazy and sweet and surreal that this deer took a liking to us – you can almost see his personality in these photos. And for just a while, we were 3 hiking the majestic backcountry of Zion National Park.

Zion National Park, Derrick We landed at our campground late in the afternoon, secretly hoping Derrick would be waiting for us, but we figured it may have been too far from home for him. We were tired and hungry and after cooking up an easy meal, we passed out amongst the stars.

Zion Zion Zion Rain   Zion

We ended our journey feeling inspired and rejuvenated and ready to take on The Grand Canyon…


2 thoughts on “Hiking Zion National Park

  1. I just stumbled on your blog when your camper before and after was posted on Apartment Therapy. Then I noticed this post about Zion, and had to say I was just there too, around the same time you were. My boyfriend and I thought about doing the long version of the Narrows trail, but since it was my first time hiking and we didn’t have supplies for an overnight stay we just walked up from the bottom a bit. I just wanted to say hey because I thought it was such a coincidence to see a blog post about somewhere I had just been. If you’re interested in my trip to Zion you can see it here: http://foxintheivy.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/hiking-in-zion/
    I also wanted to say it’s pretty cool you guys get the chance to travel the country, and I love the way you redesigned your camper. My grandma has told me all sorts of stories about when she and my grandpa would travel in their motor home back in the day. It sounds like so much fun and such an adventure!

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