The Great Los Angeles


So when we left off, we were heading to the Los Angeles area for the Artisanal LA and Unique LA shows… but of course we got ourselves into a fair share of well, you know, as usual, lots and lots happened.

We parked the Airstream at my cousin’s house in Dana Point where we chilled for the weekend eating and beaching and celebrating the holiday together – which was lovely. Monday came and it was back to work… we were noticing that our truck was loosing steam lately, and so we took it in to see what was up. Looonnggg story short, it was too expensive to fix and so well, we bought a shiny brand new truck! So that happened.

Then, Artisanal LA. We set up shop next to lots of amazing artisans selling homemade jams, jerky, teas, candles, furniture, etc. etc. etc. We met so many cool people, made lots of great contacts, and went home with our fair share of goodies too. We had lots of work to do to get ready for another full week ahead and for Unique LA the following weekend. We moved the Airstream to Dockweiler Beach… yes, we were right on the beach…like, right on the beach, and not to make you jealous, but it was 90 degrees. We woke up and walked the beach then set up shop in the sand… screen printing our shirts and sewing holsters all week. Literally, the best office ever.

Dockweiler Beach

Our week nights were spent meeting up with old friends, exploring LA and prepping for the show. Thursday night we had the pleasure of being invited to the one year anniversary party of Hammer and Spear – this amazingly cool shop (with even cooler owners) in LA’s Arts District. Scott and Kristan (the said cooler owners) even asked us to set up a mini Local Branch pop-up shop within their store for the party. Seriously, really cool. We got an awesome print (see below) for the Airstream from Arts District Printing Co., which is Scott and his partner Jonathan’s other project.


The next day was equally packed, but we managed to explore some of the other gems in the Arts District – including one of my new little favorites, a shop called Woo. We were lured in by the little “peek” hole in the retail space that let’s you see their back of house sewing workroom, full of swatches, patterns, and a seamstress who makes all the first samples to be sent out to their factory in LA for production. We got the full tour. Love. They even make clothes for big brands like Anthropologie and the like.

Woo Shop

Then, we set up shop for the weekend at Unique LA which was a fabulous show. Full of lots more cool people and cool things.

Ahhhhhhh, and then we relaxed … just kidding… we got back on the road to our old hometown, San Francisco. See you in SF (and Oakland for Patchwork!)

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