Atlanta, Nashville and Diamonds

We’ve been to Atlanta, Nashville and Crater of Diamonds, Arkansas over the past 2 weeks.

We took a little trip to Atlanta from Alabama to hang out with Blaine’s parents and get some work done last week. We landed on our new collection for the summer (lots of cool stuff a’coming!) and made some time to scout the local antique shops to add to our “Discovered Throughout America” collection. We scored some great finds including a vintage American flag, antique amber bottles, some tools from the early 1930s and more. We made lots of time to play and explore the area too.


From there we took the 4 hour trip up to Nashville for the day/night. Blaine had never been and it wasn’t that far out of the way. We soaked up lots of good music (and BBQ) of course! We bought some new hats too. We’ll definitely have to stop back through again when we have more time to really check out the local flavor, but we had to get going to the Crater of Diamonds… and then, Old Settler’s Music Festival in Driftwood, TX.


On our way from Nashville to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, at dusk, just 20 miles away from the park, we blew a spark plug… again! Unequipped with the proper tools or mechanical capabilities we were feeling super bummed… and I let go of the thought of hunting for diamonds and instead imagined myself in a tow truck waiting for hours at the mechanic. Luckily though, Blaine hopped up into the engine, attached the pliers to the drill, duct taped a wrench around the broken thing-y that popped off … a good mix of creative problem solving and lots of will… and after 2 hours, the engine no longer made that terrible sound and we were back on the road. I literally had both fingers crossed the entire 20 miles praying that we would make it to the campsite, and we did.


And in the morning we got the right parts, fixed her up and by lunch time we were hunting for diamonds! This state park is so cool, its only a $8 entry fee and its finders keepers… almost every day someone finds a diamond and although that person wasn’t either Blaine of myself, we still had a great time. We went home with Jasper, Quartz Crystal and a few other gems. Next time we’re going back for more than just the day!


By dusk we were back on the road. Destination Driftwood, TX.

Diamond Sign

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