On our way to Austin for SXSW (a 20+ hour drive from San Francisco) – we planned a few pitstops.


What we thought was a brief visit in Sedona, AZ ended up to be an overnight and full day stay. We found this fantastic trading post where we got a beautiful rug for the ‘stream and ate a feast of feasts in town. We also took a 5 mile hike to this spot shown – #ahmazing.

We hit the road for pitstop #2: Roswell, NM. We imagined it to be a really desolate and eerie place, but it ended up just being sort of regular (i.e. I didn’t take any photos). We still love you though, New Mexico.

We took our time getting the rest of the way to Austin- and stumbled upon the quaint town of Llano, TX. This little town was full of gems – I mean antique shops galore. Luckily I didn’t have to do much convincing, and Blaine was ready to pull over at any (every) cool place we saw. We ended up getting some really goods finds for the airstream – including two old ballot boxes that we’re going to make into stools. But then, we had to get going.

We landed in Austin a few days in advance prep for all the festivities and the show. We were at The Renegade Craft Fair at the Palmer Events Center on Thursday, Friday & Saturday (right next to the Butler Stage, free stage, great shows). We met some AMAZING people from Austin and from all over the country, lots of really cool vendors, musicians, you name it. It was a great weekend, and thank you to everyone who came by to hang out. It was so good to meet ya’ll.


Since we love Austin (and our gracious hosts), we ended up staying here the week. We took St. Patty’s day off to venture out to Lockhart, TX to sample the famous BBQ joints…


… and will definitely need to go back to sample the rest! Maybe for Old Settler’s Music Festival April 11 & 12th (be sure to check us out and say hello!)

We love Austin and can’t wait to come back, but now its time to hit the road.

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