We budgeted about 2 weeks to get all the main renovations completed so we could be move-in ready and prepared to hit the road for our first stop in Austin for Renegade Craft Fair at SXSW!

Alright, it’s RENOVATION TIME!



We got these really awesome reclaimed Redwood planks from A & J Fencing which we would use for all of our interior cabinets and table tops. We not only dig the salvaged look, but it’s SUPER light with all those years of weathering- which is important when you’re snailing it.

So after days 3, 4 & 5, we had cleaned the entire space and covered the ugly, stained yellow/beige interior with a fresh coat of white. We taught ourselves plumbing, (you know, unclogging clogs, and, uh, well, it was a dirty job… I won’t say more). Day 5 felt like a bit of a rabbit hole, for every step forward, we were taking one step back… but I guess that’s what its like when you’re learning as you go. I will say that I have known Blaine for more than 10 years, and he’s proving to be extremely handy.

We were now were ready for the build out, so here’s the plan:


Although our plan changed a few times- we realized that first and foremost the “Silver Ranch” (our nickname for the ‘stream) needed to be a functional mix of a live/work space – since we will be living and working in it for a year! We knew it needed lots of storage to hold our screen printing, sewing, office and shipping supplies with lots of workspace for our sewing machines as well as a nice area for office work. The design also needed to have the flexibility to act as a pop-up shop when we’re doing outdoor shows or as a showroom where we could invite shop owners in to view our collection.

The next few days we would focus on building out the space, to see if what we were planning in our heads would work in real life… So,


And then it really started to come together…


Alas, we were finally able to move in and take this baby on the road! We took a few days off from Airstream reno to prep for SXSW, which was AMAZINGMore photos to come on the FINAL REVEAL, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “It’s RENOVATION TIME!

  1. Hello. We wish you all the very best. Great story and great stuff. I lived in Northern Cal.. Beautiful area, miss it. my hubby is from Fayetteville,NY.. Area. We read the article in the Eagle Bulletin and had to look you up. We are excited to follow your adventures. We too have much of the adventurer spirit and are super excited for you both. Please find us if you come to Orlando Area. We’d love to meet up with you all.

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