So, here’s where we left off

Here's where we left off...

Wow, it has been a while… We’ve been in full-time Airstream renovation mode which by the way, is almost DONE! (lots of photos to come)

We officially moved out of our lovely little San Francisco apartment in the beginning of February, and because the Airstream was still in the shop getting brakes fixed, new tires, a window installed, etc. we had some time on our hands (and no place to call home)! Blaine had been wanting to do the “Escape from San Francisco Hike” so, we put everything in storage, packed our packs, and started the hike from San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the magnificent Marin Headlands. I had been wanting to walk over the Golden Gate Bridge since moving to the city five years ago – so here we were, five years later. Procrastination at its finest. But, better late than never, and it was the perfect way for us to bid farwell to the city and to many amazing years well spent.

Hike Over Bridge

We hiked about 30 miles over a few days, with pit stops at Hawk’s Landing to camp (photo taken at sunset above), Muir Beach for a picnic lunch and the Pelican Inn for afternoon beers. We hiked up Mt. Tamalpais where we’d spend our second night’s sleep. California has been in a drought for about a year… and then, alas… it RAINED. Poured. Our tent flooded. It was only 3 am. Puddles. Everywhere. We cut our adventure short and waited out the rain at our friends’ house in Northern California until… yes… we got a call from Scotty letting us know our Airstream was good to go!

We picked her up… and then remembered how much work we had on our hands… so, let the games begin.

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