Hello, Airstream

We’ve been on the hunt, and we finally found our gal.

After a very busy month traveling the craft fair circuit and promoting our Kickstarter at the same time – we are thankfully, funded! We really can’t say it enough… that we are so so so grateful to everyone who supported and backed us, and we really can’t put into words how excited we are for this next step in our business, and in our lives.

Almost immediately after we were funded, we were on the hunt for the perfect Airstream companion. We were looking for a fixer upper (since that’s part of the fun!) with the right combination of vintage charm and not too many unknown issues (hopefully). Our searches paid off, and this 1978 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht 32′ gem is ours.


We live in San Francisco, in an apartment, with no driveway and hard to find street parking – especially for this giant… It is pretty comical when you think about it. We parked on the outskirts of the city in the Richmond District, with ocean views and way less traffic – and this is where we would begin our demo. Although this beauty was a find, she’s definitely a fixer, as you can see…


After a full day and a half of work – with a lot of debris, dust, mold, muscle, a noise complaint, the sighting of actual green slime, lots of determination and a bit of elbow grease… we got everything ripped out and cleaned up. We had a recycling service meet us in our parking spot (it really was quite amusing) to remove the very gross debris of yesteryear.


After the two thousand pounds of mildew-y, smelly, 30+ year old interior decor was removed and cleaned up… this is where she currently stands… an empty shell.


She’s now with the amazing Airstream Scotty of Artistic Airstreams, getting a full inspection, new tires and brakes along with a few other things to get her fixed up and road ready… then its time for us to work some interior design magic! More to come on the renovation…

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