The Local Branch hits the road…

Our adventure begins… a recap of Austin, LA & SF. Just a few days before Thanksgiving ’13, we embarked on the first leg of what is to become a year-long journey of self discovery and creative evolution. After months of planning we finally quit our “day jobs” and packed our entire operation (including inventory, supplies, and personal effects) into “The Beast” – our big forest green Ford F250.

First stop: Austin, TX


After a 20+ hour drive with only 2 hours of sleep (total, yes we are crazy) – we finally arrived in Austin, Texas just in time for load-in at The Renegade Craft Fair (regretfully we forgot about the time difference, so we had no time to spare). It was our first time at this show, and Blaine’s first time in Austin. We had an amazing show and needless to say we fell in love with the city – the weather, the food (trucks), Rainey Street, Barton Springs, BBQ joints at every corner … we were dying over the culture and the vibe. We were even lucky enough to set-up a screen printing studio in our friend’s yard to enjoy the Texas sun – ah! we can’t wait to work outside on a more regular basis. Thank you Austin, we can’t wait to visit you again (hopefully for SXSW)!

Next stop: Los Angeles, CA (via New Mexico)


We made the trek from Austin to Los Angeles for our next shows, UNIQUE LA and Renegade Craft Show. We decided to pit stop in Silver City, New Mexico to hike the Cliff Dwellings and relax in the natural hot springs. Although the springs were quite lovely, we woke up in snowfall (yes, we were camping in a tent and it started snowing which a huge surprise to us, but hey it WAS December…) Next was a series of unfortunate events including breaking our rear windshield and blowing a spark plug. There was a silver lining in Silver City – we ended up making great friends with local crafter Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press and musician Dustin Hamman of Run On Sentence  – who helped us through all the hiccups (and to whom we are forever grateful). We finally made it to LA where we’d spend the next 2 weeks.

UNIQUE LA was a hit, so many cool vendors and lots of cool people. We even won the Best in Show for our booth display (which we were super stoked about)! Our next stop was the beautiful LA State Historic Park, for the Renegade Craft Show the following weekend. We totally lucked out with 80 something degree weather (perfect for the outdoor show). After two weeks in LA and … a few celebrity sitings, a visit to the Hollywood sign (where we saw our spirit animal – a coyote!), a stop at American Apparel Factory, a break at Santa Monica beach and a handful of new friends later, it was time to head home to San Francisco.

Last stop: San Francisco, CA (the homeland)


Ahh, being home always feels really good. We had a great month long adventure which gave us even more confidence in our year long endeavor that’s in the works. The Renegade SF show at the Concourse Exhibition Center was the perfect ending to the holiday craft circuit. We left the show and headed to the airport for our red-eye flight home to see our family and friends in beautiful (and very snowy) Upstate New York.

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